Saturday, May 30, 2015

Maggie's 5th Birthday Party

80's fever right in the middle of Chelsea!  If you've never checked out Maggie's Club, then quite frankly, you've never lived!

5 whole years of partying in what looks like a giant rubik's cube to the likes of Billy Ocean's 'Caribbean Queen' and 'Maniac' from Flashdance.  Visors, leg warmers, Michael Jackson face masks.. It's all absolutely fine in this 80's den.

The girlies! Stacey, Sylwi, Lynda and I
 Thursday saw the 5th birthday celebrations of this institution as we helped Inception Group really 'Get into the Groove' along with the gorgeous girlies from KK Comms.

The Girls from KK Comms

The (Mr T lookalike who looks more like Mr T than Mr T), was on hand for some pretty funky dance moves (when he wasn't getting papped from every angle...) and as we sank more and more Sex on the beaches, the band fired up and played some absolute belters including Queen and Madonna. (Lucky too that Madonna was there to partake in the antics.

My name is Madonna.

Inception Group's fabulous Robin Kay. (I love him)

Mario and Luigi served margherita pizzas and then at midnight, the rubiks cube cake came out.  Cake and cocktails.  Yes at the same time.  Living the dream...


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  1. Looks like you girls had an amazing night out it can be seen from these pictures that all of you had a lot of fun at the party. I was also out partying till late night yesterday as my friend had organized an awesome party at the popular event venue Atlanta to celebrate his birthday.


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