Friday, February 06, 2015

The launch of The Athenaeum's very own Whisky!

If you've ever visited the bar in the Athenaeum Hotel on Park Lane, then you're probably thinking they have quite enough whiskies - over 300 at the last count... There's something altogether very special about the latest addition to their collection though and that's because it's a blend created especially for The Athenaeum.

'Warm, welcoming and surprising' was what the blenders had in mind with the 8 year old Speyside Scotch.  In fact over 40 blends were combined to get the unique flavour which I was lucky enough to sample this week.

The Speyside and Highland Malts provide the spiciness, while the smokiness was created through the use of sherry and bourbon casks as the whiskies matured.

The result is a powerful aroma on the nose - notes of honey, oats and citrus, a rich fruitiness and nuttiness on the palette with that hint of spice and a long lingering yet elegant finish leaving that spice on the tongue.

Quirky, lavish, unique, elegant... All words I'd use to describe the beautifully bottled Athenaeum Whisky, and of course, the hotel.  A fantastic emulation.

Head down to the Whisky Bar to warm your cockles on a cold night in London.  You'll be suitably impressed... Or if you're staying in one of the rooms, you'll also find your complimentary mini-bottle in the mini-bar.

The Athenaeum Speyside Scotch Whisky is now available to buy:
70cl bottle £130.00
20cl bottle £55.00
5cl bottle £10.00

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