Thursday, February 26, 2015

CUPPLR! - Bog off POF, online dating's going offline with a new matchmaking agency!

If Valentine’s Day had you temporarily disabling Facebook for fear of wanting to throw up over the endless gestures of love between your friends, then I have some great news for you. It’s time to say goodbye to those pof messages that a monkey could write (hey bbe, how are u?) and your thumbs can start recovering from the pain resembling arthritis, due to one too many Tinder swipes left on a boring Sunday. Online dating is going offline. And the reason, is a brand new concept called Cupplr.

Cupplr is the brainchild of Sandy Macdonald. Like every one of my single friends living in a big city, she knows all too well, the feeling of waiting on that text, being let down last minute, being lied to (we’ve all experienced the 5ft 10 guy who turns up 7 inches too short...what, think we wouldn’t notice?!) and the general game playing which comes with meeting someone on a dating site.

So, she’s taken matters into her own hands, and devised an agency which meets up with you face to face... (don’t worry, it’s waaay more relaxed than a therapy sesh). Paula Abdul really was talking about a select few when she wrote that tune with an animated oversized cat and the truth is that generally people who end up together, have similar likes and dislikes. So, she’ll chat you about exactly that in her rather swanky office in the city (it’s worth going in just for the coffee), and then she’ll match you with someone who has similar likes and dislikes! She’ll find out what you’re looking for, and then she’ll actually delve into the database and pick out a suitable suitor! I know! Why didn’t anyone think of this before?!

Well, she’d be lying if she said she was the first, but what she has done, is design this particular dating agency for the city worker, rather than the millionaire, billionaire businessman which many of these sites cater to. This is the answer for high-flyers with a bit of disposable income who want to invest a bit more time into the search for love... As opposed to the lazy dater who puts up a couple of pics on the net a) stroking a drugged up tiger b) wearing a huge pair of sunglasses so you can’t see their face c) taking a selfie in a mirror with a really untidy room in the background.

Alongside the matchmaking, Sandy can also offer support when it comes to relationship advice along the way and has a genuine interest in making a difference to people’s lives (which probably comes with her background as a Senior Social Worker...)

So if you’re a guy in the City and you’re serious about finding ‘the one’ for a long term relationship rather than a few tequilas and back to yours, then email The first 50 men get a free membership to try out the service which aims to provide 3-6 dates during the membership period.  Beats sitting around in your pants watching the footie, surely?

I'll also be helping out writing Cupplr's fantastic blog for all things to do with relationships.  Exciting!


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