Sunday, December 14, 2014

I’m in a Biskies Christmas heaven!

I’m sitting here on a Thursday afternoon home alone, feeling very guilty!  Why you ask?!  Well… there’s just been a rather special delivery of Cutter & Squidge’s absolutely beautiful Biskies made to my front door and I’m half way through my third!  Will somebody stop me?  Quick!

Trouble is, they are so more-ish!  And they’re also exquisitely and intricately designed, which makes you for about two seconds, not want to eat them.  Luckily that passes and you’re dying to dig in through the layers of chocolate and biscuit and mmm cream!  Now if you’ve not had the pleasure yet of trying a Biskie, then let me explain…  They’re a cup cake, which is also actually a biscuit and they have that soft, chewy consistency that makes you want another.  And another…  and ermmm another!

Now I shouldn’t actually feel too guilty to be honest, as Biskies creators, Anna and Emily Lui are well aware that girls like to have their cake, eat it and not put on a pound.  That’s why the buttermilk used in their products (and believe me, there is a lot of cream!)  is made with only half the amount of butter and sugar normally used in baking.  Plus there’s no margarine of hydro-fats, which to me, means you can eat double.  Excellent.

The packaging is girlie and gorgeous and the Biskies themselves are a work of art, so which friend of yours wouldn’t want to receive a box from Harrods full of Christmas treats?!  There’s ‘Merry Mincemas’ – mince pie meets Christmas pudding topped with an edible snowflake (so cute),  ‘The Nutcracker’ which has a 24-carat gold nosed reindeer  and is also my personal favourite, the ‘Pannettone Present’ to get you firmly in the festive spirit and the ‘Orange Chocolate Bauble’ which comes adorned with the Harrods Christmas logo.

So I’m in a Christmas Biskies heaven and no doubt you will be too when you try them!  Buy from the Patisserie counter in Harrods food halls, or order direct from:


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