Sunday, December 07, 2014

Sheesha Garden, Jesmond - A breath of fresh air

Osborne Road has long been a popular street for Newcastle’s social scene.  Lined with restaurants, bars and hotels, the long standing Osbornes bar is now breathing new life into the area with its very own sheesha garden.

Already very much part of the ‘scene’ in many areas of London (like the infamous Edgeware Road), sheesha itself is flavoured tobacco which is vaporised and inhaled through a hookah and comes in a wide variety of flavours.  It’s a relaxing pastime to be enjoyed with a glass of wine of a cold pint of beer while you while away the time people spotting.  Sheesha Garden offers up this experience for drinks and sheesha on the heated terrace, with a  Middle-Eastern inspired menu to boot, and its popularity is growing fast, so Luxuria headed down to kick back after a hard day of shopping and sightseeing to see how the new kid on the block is settling in.

Osbornes itself is made up of a 4 bars over 2 venues which are interlinked.  There’s a great cocktail list shaking things up in the main area and it’s also really nice to see the female bar staff mixing them up.  We’d recommend trying the ‘Beauty & the Bellini’ which is a sugar hit of strawberry liquer, fresh strawberries and vodka lbended together with crushed ice and topped with prosecco; meanwhile for rum fans, it’s got to be the ‘Spirited Away’ cocktail which combines 4 types of rum and shakes them up with pineapple juice, citrus and sugar.

As for the food, Osborne’s offers a separate menu, but we were keen to try the smaller mezze plates to go with our sheesha.  The plates are varied with a number of dishes ranging from warm spiced falafel and warm pitta, to grilled haloumi with cous cous salad and lamb kofta lollipops with coriander and cinnamon.  The dishes are small, but at £4-6 each, they’re reasonable and big on taste.  Our favourite was the spiced falafel served up with chunky, hearty home-made coleslaw, fresh gem lettuce and a touch of hoummous.  The pittas were also plentiful, warm and tasty.  There’s also a great range of straight forward snacks and sides including the super tasty sweet potato fries, and the slightly more quirky goat’s cheese and black pepper popcorn.

The sheesha itself comes in an assortment of fruity flavours from bubblegum to strawberry, fizzy lemonade, peach, watermelon and vanilla – (to name just a few), and there’s also a non-tobacco variety if you’re a non smoker who still fancies a try.

If you’re in the area, then be sure to give it a whirl, just don’t get too comfy, we almost missed our train back!


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