Wednesday, November 26, 2014

What's behind The Little Yellow Door?

Little Yellow Door, Notting Hill – going out is the new staying in, sort of

'Arghh I can’t find it’ I shouted into my phone.  I’d become that annoying person, standing in the rain at the top of the stairs to Notting Hill Gate tube, getting in everyone’s way – you know, the ‘London tourist’ as they’re affectionately known!  ‘It’s right by the tube and it’s a little yellow door’ was Hollie’s reply.  She was right.  Doh, seeing as the bar is called ‘Little Yellow Door’, I perhaps should’ve known better.  Blonde moment.  I was actually standing right beside it.

Little Yellow Door is a brand new bar in West London.  You could imagine the concept was dreamt up by three men on a night out after one too many whiskies (I’ll have to ask them if this is actually true…)  When you stumble upon the doorway, and let’s face it, you’re bound to find it quicker than I did, either knock on the door, or get out your VIP Yale key and let yourself in.  Then, up the stairs you’ll find, well, someone’s flat.  A hall way, a front room, a bathroom.  But it’s like you just wandered into someone’s apartment who happens to have a full bar in their front room.  And a tree house.  (Standard).  

There’s a pair of trainers casually left under the side stand.  A table and chairs.  A sofa!  There’s even a fish tank on the window sill with a couple of fish just chilling out and taking in the vibe of the place.  It’s that cool.  So. you’re basically round at a mates, having a laugh, except you’re in what is essentially a bar.  It’s genius. And it’s not one of those flats that has one of those drink cabinets with a bottle of left over Advocaat in it.  Nooo, they do marvellous cocktails and sharer drinks that come in those blenders everyone bought in the 80’s.  I bet they even have a toastie maker somewhere too.

The food is fancy bar snack stylee.  The camembert is just to die for.  I ate lots of other good stuff, but got a little bit tipsy and can’t remember what exactly.  Oh burgers!  Yes the burgers are definitely slicker than you’re average.

I’d also like to talk about the bathroom here..   It’s got to be a very special bathroom to get a whole paragraph to itself!  Again, it’s like someone’s real bathroom!  There’s even a hairdryer and a toothbrush holder!  I just LOVE this place.

Little Yellow Door is open now and worthy of a visit.  Also look out for their new Friday night dinner parties –a specially prepare four course dinner around a massive table where you get to hobnob with hotties that you’ve never met before.  Sounds amazing.

If you’re reading this before Saturday 29th November, then get involved with ‘Christabel’s Mad Hatter Brunch’ from 1-6pm.  There’s glittery menus, sparkly drinks, crispy bacon with maple syrup and pancakes plus film screenings and a vinatage disco music from DJ Nicola Marian Robinson.  Tickets are £25 and even include a drink!

Check it out!  Just don’t get too comfy – you will have to leave at some point!


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