Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Franco Manca, Chiswick

Great pizza comes at a price and you’ll be shocked it’s under £7!

Walking down the Chiswick High Road on a sunny summers’ evening, I couldn’t work out why there was a huge queue of people down the street.  Either the Chiswick residents had just discovered the coffee shop that Brooklyn Beckham’s meant to working in, or something pretty special was going on.  For a start, Chiswick peeps don’t queue full stop.  (Unless there’s a champagne sale at M&S Foods…)

Turns out sour dough food chain Franco Manca has just opened!  And possibly everyone was  in shock that you can get a pizza in West London for under a tenner! 

Eager to find out what all the fuss was about, I joined the queue too (mildly excited at the thought that maybe Brooklyn was working here and maybe David would be milling around.)  I can confirm I was in for more of a thrill than any meeting with Becks would provide in the form of a pretty amazing pizza cooked in a very very very hot oven.

 After a very short wait, my friend and I found ourselves with a lovely outdoor table (luck of the draw I guess) and while I was slightly disappointed to be drinking my Sauvignon out of one of those weird glass tumblers as opposed to a normal wine glass,) I was also very much looking forward to the prospect of a tomato, cured organic chorizo and mozzarella baked at 500 degrees Celsius.

Apparently we have Greek settlers back in the 5thCentury BC to thank for this delicious pitta like sour dough base.  The high heat of the wood burning ‘tuff’ brick oven, seals in the moisture and locks in the flours’ natural aroma.  Sounds good doesn’t it?

I’m not gonna lie, it’s a pretty basic menu (6 pizzas in total), but you can add anything you like to them to satisfy your pizza fetishes, and they do a pretty mean burrata starter too.

Check out the menu at

Franco Manca


144 Chiswick High Road


W4 1PU.


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