Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Boma Green, Parsons Green

Boma Green (Forget the White Horse, Boma’s the bar to be seen in…)

I was on a sailing holiday in Croatia a few weeks ago and part of the trip involved some all night partying in Hvar at a club called Pink Champagne.  I got chatting to some guys who happened to also live in London, where it turns out they run both Boma Bar & Restaurant on Wandsworth Bridge Road and Boma Green at Parsons Green.  Seeing as I’m a reviewer and they were all pretty handsome, it made perfect sense to check out the place on my return.

With no dinner plans for Saturday night and seeing as my friend Sylwi has just moved to Parsons Green, it seemed like a great idea to try Boma Green and see what all the fuss was about.

With the White Horse, the Duke on the Green and Aragon House making up the Parsons ‘triangle’, we decided almost immediately that Boma should be the 4th pillar!  With an intimate bar area at the front and a stylish, contemporary designed restaurant out back, this quirky, cosy, eaterie was quickly becoming a new favourite. 

A nice selection of wines (French, Spanish, Italian, Argentinian to name but a few), along with a good choice of champagne made the choice an easy one.  We went for the New Zealand ,Clarence River Sauvignon Blanc which at £28 was a decent bottle.

The menu offers ‘fresh, locally sourced’ food and is designed with  a ‘something for everyone’ concept in mind.  Starters include goats cheese filo parcel with crushed walnuts, tomato and chilli jam (£7), steamed prawn dumplings (£6.50) and szechaun prawn dumplings with water chestnuts and sweet soy (£6.50).  Unfortunately, I made a bad choice with the soft shell crab with polenta crust, lime rice, fenugreek and coconut, because although the ric e was deliciously light and fragrant, and the presentation of the dish was stunning; there was very little crab meat.

However, our mains most certainly did not disappoint.  I opted for the Boma Burger (having heard previously that this was a great one to go for).  A towering burger, balancing just-melted-enough cheesy cheddar, perfectly cooked crispy bacon, smothered in sweet red onion relish and topped with lettuce and bun, the Boma is also served with triple cooked chips which were an absolute winner!  (I think the crunch when I bit into them might’ve been heard in the Sloaney!)  I also ordered a side of zucchini fritte which were fried in light batter and totally delicious.

Sylwi wanted something spicy and decided to go for the Chicken Thai Green Curry with red chilli, bamboo shoots and basmati rice.  An absolutely exquisite dish.  Creamy but not too thick a sauce, a nice kick of chilli which cut through the coconut and again, really nice rice.

With lots of lovely natural light coming in from the glass panels above the restaurant, we thought other lovely touches included the paintings on the walls which are up for sale and a really cool guitar (which we think is used by one of the manager for live music nights) really added to the ambience of the place.  A really lovely lively atmosphere, great staff and good quality food make Boma on the Green a new favourite.  Next stop, Boma, Wandsworth Road!

Boma Green

271 New King’s Road




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