Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Nothing less than ‘Magnifico’ at the Misa Braseria, Palma

When you’re on holiday, 3 course dinner at lunch time is perfectly acceptable don’t you think?! All you have to do is lie on a lounger afterwards with a pina colada… 

Luckily that’s all we had to do after lunch at Marc Fosh’s delightful establishment – Misa Braseria, which is tucked down a tiny alley off the Carrer de la Missio right in the centre of the city of Palma. (don’t you just love the sound of foreign streets?!) 

If you’re unfamiliar with super-chef Marc Fosh, now’s a good time to give you the lowdown… He’s from Kent originally, and after a career which comprised of heading up the kitchens in London’s Greenhouse Restaurant and the Chelsea Room at the Carlton Tower Hotel, he spent some time in France before crossing the border to Spain. That was over 20 years ago and he has never left! In 2002, Marc became the first British chef in Spain in 2002 to be awarded a coveted Michelin star....I knew we’d be in good hands.

The Misa Braseria is a pretty cool place. Full of rustic charm and character, but quite informal and yet still contemporary. There’s a gorgeous courtyard to the side too, which would’ve been fabulous to sit in - had it not been way too hot in the midday sun!

We decided to go for a cheap bottle of wine - something easy to drink at lunchtime. The Torre La Moreira seemed like a good choice, selected from a pretty reasonably priced list – most bottles were between 17 and 27 euros. A basket of bread arrived along with our bottle, brown and white, with a gorgeous orange and herb butter. 

For my starter, I decided to be really adventurous! The last time I tried octopus was in Barcelona in 2001 when I’d mistaken the ‘pulpito de salsa’ for ‘something that sounded nice and tomatoey’. When the bowl arrived, it must’ve been filled with 500 baby octopus with 5000 legs (that’s possibly not an accurate leg count but you get the picture) However, I decided my palate may have just grown up 12 years on and I very bravely ordered the octopus starter. I needn’t have worried. Had I known that it could taste this good, I could’ve saved myself thousands of calories whilst eating out over the years! Crispy on the outside and melt in the mouth on the inside, I’m not gonna lie, I wanted more! Don’t just take my word for it though, luckily my guest, was a somewhat more seasoned octopus eater than me and also agreed it was the best he’d ever tasted! A mouth-wateringly amazing start to our huge lunch then! 

The main I hadn’t been sure about when I ordered. I wanted to go for something else, but was talked into going for the organic roast chicken by both my guest and the waiter! Apparently it’s something of a speciality for the Misa Braseria. And in hindsight, I’d agree, it was pretty special! Yes it’s just a roast chicken, but wow the flavours are just something else! The chicken is actually cooked for 6 hours at just 60 degrees, in a bag, with pistachio’s, Moroccan infusions and lemon. Succulent, juicy, tender and bursting with the most amazing taste! Accompanying our flavour filled chicken was a pot of gravy – again just delicious; along with big fat golden chip wedges which came dusted with paprika; carrots in cumin butter and green beans with sesame seed and onion. If you are visiting this eaterie, then you must eat this!!! 

Having devoured so much of my main, there was no way I was going to be able to eat desert. ‘Oh go on then’ I heard myself saying (there’s going to be some diet when I get home…) I’m pleased to report the crème brulee that I’d chosen didn’t disappoint… My favourite sound is that glug that comes with the first pour of a bottle of wine and my second favourite sound has got to be that crack as your spoon hits the top of a crème brulee. A perfect consistency, perfectly sweet, I managed to eat the whole lot. 

So a fantastic lunchtime experience, a delicious meal and great atmosphere. Misa Braseria has it all. Except a sun lounger and a pina colada in very close proximity! Time to digest… 


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