Tuesday, January 21, 2014

A beautiful collaboration between Bill Amberg and Yamazaki Whisky

For Whisky lovers everywhere, comes an exquisite collection from designer Bill Amberg and the pioneering Japanese Whisky Yamazaki. 

Luxuria Lifestyle were invited along to preview the stunning unveiling of two unique pieces at Bill Amberg’s North West London studio – the 18 year old and 25 year old Suntory Yamazaki single malt whiskies, which were both fabulously presented and beautifully packaged. 

Bill’s passion for Yamazaki (Japan’s first and oldest distillery), coupled with Suntory’s appreciation of the designer’s craftsmanship, have resulted in a collaboration which oozes sophistication and style. The designs perfectly compliment the unique blend and unrivalled taste of a single malt which is now highly regarded around the world. 

Inspiration for the 18 year old Whisky’s presentation pack, came first hand from Amberg’s experiences at the Yamazaki distillery in Osaka. The cask interiors of the barrels are charred to create varying degrees of taste, and it is this effect on the oak which provides the basis for the design of the bag – made of calfskin. 

The design for the 25 year old limited edition Whisky was a far more complex procedure, ensuring that the case was a perfect mix and balance of materials, to reflect its stunning flavour. A year in the making, this presentation box has been fine tuned over and over and the end product is evidence of the sheer complexity of the process to produce this creation. 

The 18 year old Yamazaki priced at £225, is coppery bronze in colour with a mature autumn fruit taste; raisin, apricot and chocolate on the nose; with fudge, dark chocolate and strawberry jam on the palate and a long profound finish. 

The 25 year old Yamazaki priced at £1400, is deep and complex; almost sherry like in taste; with raisin, raspberry and jam on the nose; cocoa and almond strong on the palate and a long dried fruit finish. 

Both presentation packages would make excellent gifts for your loved ones, but be quick, there’s only a limited number available from Harrods and The Whisky Shop.

In addition, there is a further limited edition ‘Cask Collection’ now available from Suntory who this year have been named ‘Distiller of the Year’ for the third year in a row. This new collection showcases a multi-layered array of signature flavours with four single malts: Bourbon Barrel, Puncheon, Sherry Cask and Mizunara. 

Below is a brief description of each...

Bourbon Barrel: (£100)
Aged in 180 litre white oak casks which evoke rich, sweet vanilla flavours
Full aromas and a smooth, long finish

Puncheon: (£100)
Selected malts are aged exclusively and gently in puncheon casks crafted from North American white oak
Sheer golden appearance, sublime, wood aroma and sweet vanilla notes

Sherry Cask: (£100)
Historic cask used to house the first distillate from Japanese stills
Filled with Olorose sherry and left to rest for three years before being used to age the whisky
Releases more tannin to produce a very rich whisky taste with intense red colour
Wonderful balance of acidity and fruity structure

Mizunara (£250)
A rare opus of oriental aromas, Gold Medal at the ISC in 2013
Crafted from a precise selection of malt whiskies
Mizunara oak casks produce whiskies with oriental notes, along with sandalwood and agarwood

The Cask Collection is available to purchase at The Whisky Shop, The Whisky Exchange and Royal Mile Whisky.


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