Thursday, August 29, 2013

Maricel, Majorca - What a feast!

‘Best Breakfast in the World!’ at the Maricel – Palma, Majorca

As if you needed another reason to visit the beautiful city of Palma in Majorca, here’s another…

Located just a short drive from the fabulous capital, is the luxurious 5 star boutique hotel  - The Maricel offers ‘the best breakfast in the world’ -  given the accolade by the critics at the second Madrid Fusion Gastronomic Summit.

As a sun worshipper, I jumped at the chance to experience this culinary feast combining two of my very favourite things – sitting in the sun looking out to sea, while gorging on what can only be described as the biggest meal I have ever managed to eat… all of…!

My friend Steve and I deliberately ate light the night before (this is not a breakfast you want to fork out for if you’re feeling slightly full at all…)  Arriving around 10am, (you can book between 9am and 11am), we thought we’d arrive early-ish, meaning we’d have longer to leisurely while away the hours – after all, we had a huge set of courses to get through!

Breakfast is served on the terrace to the back of the hotel, which provides stunning views out to sea and down to the beautiful pool and sun lounging area – it really is an extremely pleasant and tranquil setting in which to enjoy  a truly indulgent banquet.  And banquet is no understatement…

Our first course was a selection of fresh fruit juices, followed by pineapple and melon fruit shots – all mouth-wateringly delicious, along with a chocolate yoghurt, mango coulis and banana, strawberry and vanilla yoghurt and sweet rice pudding.  At this point, I began to feel ever so slightly full…

Thankfully, there’s plenty of time between courses to allow your food to digest and also to enjoy the views… which is just as well as the next course was even bigger!  Out came a platter laiden with toast (cut soldier style) and an array of different jams and preserves.  The mushroom butter was our favourite by far, but the cheese with olive tapenade was a close second, while the strawberry mousse and courgette confiture were a little too experimental for our tastebuds.

The savoury course followed – definitely the best and one we made sure we took our time eating!  This included a three cheese sandwich, Majorcan pie with Iberian ham and the piece de resistance –  walnut bread topped with the most delightful foie gras and chocolate.  Absolute heaven. 

It was around this point, we realised we still had two courses left to go - including the main course!  Surprisingly we were offered a cold glass of red rioja to go with this one, which warmed up nicely in the (now) midday sun.  Served with a slow poached egg, pumpkin crème and wild mushrooms, this was my least favourite course – which I partly put down to being too full.  The desert plate however, was where I found my second wind (probably because I have such a sweet tooth! )  A selection of fruit teas served along with a white chocolate and juniper milk, dark chocolate with baileys and a cappuccino were accompanied by some fabulous cakes, pastries and biscuits – apricot sponge, shortbread and brownie.

Although not everything was to my taste, (but with such an array of different flavours and textures, this is always going to be the case – also meaning of course that there will always be something to your taste…) it’s most definitely the most indulgent, decadent feast of a breakfast I’ve ever had the pleasure to devour!  Stunning views, a gorgeous setting and the summer sunshine added to the experience and at a very generous 42 euros per head, the Maricel breakfast has to be seen to be believed.  Just make sure you set aside a good few hours to eat leisurely and don’t plan on wearing your skimpiest bikini afterwards!  Oh and according to the Spanish, it is quite okay to drink wine with your desayuno.  I’ll go with that.

Browse the sample menu on the website, although this is subject to change, depending on the ingredients in season…)


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