Saturday, June 15, 2013

Berlin - A whistestop tour...

Ahh Berlin… with many a famous sight to be seen: the Berlin Wall, the Olympiastadion, Grunewald, Museum Island… Sadly the only walls we saw really were the walls of a club and of our apartment.  What an awesome party city!  Do Germans never sleep?!!  Having spent just 3 days there, I can safely say, ermm no, no they don’t.  But they do eat a hell of a lot of sausages…

Friday night was a quick check in to our apartment, get ready, go out kinda of a night.  The venue of choice?  Felix Club, billed as the ‘hottest premium club in Berlin’.  Maybe we’re a little spoiled for choice with London’s superclubs, but it all felt a bit touristy to me (us being the tourists…), and even their spectacular light show, random snow storms and based-up-to-the-max sound system weren’t really enough to impress us (me!).

To be fair, there were a few hunky bearded Berlin boys to look at, and there was also plenty shots and champagne to go around (which helped soften the blow), but the real highlight of my night was at closing time when Julian accused the cloakroom attendant of stealing her iphone from her bag, only to discover after 20 minutes of arguing, that Schoschanna actually had it in her pocket.  Cue quick exit (and left over pizza for breakfast).

On Saturday we headed into town to see some true Berlin sights – we got stuck in H&M though.  Sylwi and Schoshanna both wanted us to try some ‘authentic’ sausages, but when they arrived, the girls were less than impressed, so I was pretty happy I’d gone for a taste of Spain with meatballs and bacon wrapped dates. 

Hair of the dog had us divided over lunch… Schoschi and Stacey needed to lie down.  Julian, Sylwi and I decided a bit of daytime dancing would sort us out…  And so we headed wearily to ‘Open Air’ at Picnick.  We shouldn’t have worried, 2 vodka red bulls in and we were dancing on the tables with the rest of the crazy party people who were crammed into what can only be described as a big garden with a bar.  And it was only 4pm…

We made it home for 7pm, got changed and headed to a private party we’d been invited to at a suite in the Ritz Carlton.  A Balthazar of champers awaited, while a strange Hugh Heffner lookalike lay in a closed off bedroom smoking a cigar.  It was all a bit surreal really.  To our disbelief (and only about an hour later), we were escorted off the premises (that’s a story for another time…)  But because we’d decided to play the night by ear and by this point didn’t really mind where we went, it was decided we’d head back to Picnick and continue the party.

Unfortunately I was beaten by my super uncomfortable heels… (note to self, in NO circumstances ever, should you be tempted to wear a pair of Louboutin’s to rave in….what was I thinking???)  I made it home first and managed to clean up the best of the sushi that had been left earlier.  Bonus.

Sunday morning was lazy.  Sunday afternoon we ate.  Sunday early evening, we decided we’d go partying again.  Unfortunately, we couldn’t get into the first club (another all day indoor and outdoor techno fest) but another, down by the river had us dancing in the rain and supping on really bad white wine before we could say ‘bratwurst.’ I’d love to tell you what this place was called, but none of us can remember.  We ended the evening in ‘Thai Square’ (as you do in Germany) and were all home in bed by 11, ready for our early morning flight back to London.

What a wonderful whirlwind weekend.  Time to get on Martin Money Saving Experts flightchecker thingy and get another one booked…

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