Saturday, June 15, 2013

A real taste of Morocco (On Edgware Road)

I’ve been to Morocco.  I ate tagine from the grubbiest back street café you ever saw and didn’t get food poisoning.  I bought a fake Gucci messenger bag and got a reduced price because the guy who sold it to me wanted to buy me in exchange for 50 camels (Bit stingy I thought?!)  Glad my boyfriend at the time thought so too.  Said tagine was probably one of the tastiest I’d ever eaten though…  Shame it was so tricky to get hold of alcohol, as it kinda put me off the place…

Last night however, turned out to be an unexpected Moroccan / Lebanese treat!  I met my cousin and her fiancé on Edgware Road after a few Espresso Martini’s with Sylwi, in the local - The Botanist at Sloane Square.  (Well it’s actually 7 tube stops away from home, but if feels like our local ha ha).

‘It’s called Maroush’ said the text from Chris (that’s Faye’s fiancé and soon to be my cousin’).  Alrighty then.  He failed to mention there are actually 8 Maroush’s on Edgeware Road.  We should know, we went in all of them.  And the Maroush they were actually in, turned out to be called Sidi Marouf!  Go figure.

That little episode was all but forgotten though, when a huge plate of cooked to perfection halloumi arrived along with a load of dips, great big black olives, tsatsiki and pitta breads.  The wine was average, but according to Faye, ‘got better the more you drank of it…’  Lucky that she was right.

For mains, we ordered lamb shank with prunes and almonds which was totally delicious – the kind of meat that falls of the bone – mmm.  And then as we sat back, satisfied, chatting and drinking, the entertainment started up!

A cute little old man began playing the keyboard (I think he was playing along to the demo, but couldn’t be sure…)  Sylwi offered her singing services.  Little old man declined.  (Obviously he’s heard her on the karaoke at Bunga Bunga).  Out of nowhere appeared a beautiful belly dancer wearing orange.  (Great figure and she looked a bit like Nicole Sherzinger.)  The place went wild!  People were up out of their seats throwing the craziest moves.  Nobody cared!  I took the opportunity to go the toilets and when I came back, discovered Sylwi and my cousin had been up pulling shapes with the belly dancer too!  Can’t believe I missed out…

After all the excitement had died down, out came a gigantic fruit bowl.  It really reminded me of Ted Dansen in ‘3 Men and a Little Lady’ when he’s wearing that crazy headdress on the set of his movie – remember?!  Naturally, we had to have a go.  Who knew you could have so much fun with a bunch of grapes and some watermelon?!  Or pretending a pineapple was an 80's mobile phone?!  We sure did though...

If you’re looking for ‘dinner with a difference’, great food, entertainment thrown in and free fruit bowl, the Sidi Marouf is your place.


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