Sunday, May 05, 2013

Dukebox - Thumpin' Thursdays!

Are you ready for Thumpin’ Thursday’s at Dukebox?!

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again…  Thursday nights out in London are way better than any weekend.  You get a good crowd of people who know they have work tomorrow, but are still out to enjoy the moment anyway…  The cocktails taste better and the music makes you dance that little bit more knowing that your cheeky night will probably have you floating through Friday not quite with it, while wishing it was the weekend so you can recover and recharge your batteries.  And then when it gets to next Thursday, you’re ready to do it all over again!

The reason for these mad mid-week sessions?!  Thumpin’ Thursday’s at Dukebox. - courtesy of my mate Rudi Thirion and The Saxman UK – Ben Barnett.

Dukebox was always fun on a Thursday, but now it’s that littlebit better.  The launch last week was wicked!  Free before 10pm, there was a decent crowd through the doors by 10:30pm.  And getting the party started early is definitely one of their mantras when it comes to this new club night.  They wanna make you feel like you’ve partied, yet you can go home around midnight and still be fresh as a daisy for that crazy 9am work meeting you forgot to do any research for.

So, a decent crowd and absolutely awesome tunes to match!  I’m super fussy when it comes to the music in clubs and have been known to throw the odd strop when it’s too cheesy or too minimal!  (Remember 360 in Dubai anyone?!! *ahem*)…  My gang of girls are well into all the Hot Creations tunes – ‘Benediction’, ‘Something Special’, ‘Latch’, they were all there, meaning we had the dance floor jammed up while pulling some crazy shapes way before 11 o’clock.  We were also ecstatic to hear the DJ throw on our ‘Thailand song’ – you know the holiday song that follows you around everywhere for your entire beach break, then you get back to the UK and no-one’s heard of it?!!  @Jamesparkdj had most definitely heard of it, and that made our night!  Did I mention there were free drinks on arrival too?!!  Always a winner with me…

But what’s different?!  Well, if you’ve ever heard a live sax in a club, then you’ll know what this adds to your clubbing experience.  Think Nikki Beach and Miami pool parties.  Ben is the epitomy of ‘cool musician’, racking up gigs around the world where all the top clubs in Ibiza, Vegas and Marbella will pay him to travel out and play his infamous light up sax.  This guy can take any tune (and I mean any tune…) add his own twist and make it sound waaaaaaay better.

So, Rudi and Ben are busy working on loadsa cool projects to heighten your club nights out (ssshhh it’s a secret…although one involves sushi – can’t wait!!!) so get following on Twitter @rudi_thirion, @thesaxmanuk, @Ash_Whitfield (that last one’s me… trying to rack up some followers…) and we’ll see you there next Thursday, for ‘Thumpin Thursdays!’

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