Sunday, April 21, 2013

Nikki Beach Koh Samui

Ahh Nicki Beach… Famous.  Make that infamous.  Synonomous with style and which immediately conjures up the image of honed and toned body beautifuls wearing Burberry bikinis and showering in Veuve Clicquot while still managing to maintain a hair do that wouldn’t look out of place at Charles Worthington’s salon.

The legendary Miami venue plays host regularly to Jamie Foxx and Colin Farrell (what a shame if you happen to rock up on that night…!)  In Marbella, the white parties are sold out affairs every time, and now, the same experience has arrived in Koh Samui, Thailand…

We heard about Nikki Beach while on the other side of Thailand.  We were extremely busy whiling away the days on Koh Phi Phi drinking out of coconuts, chatting to hot guys and hiring boats to take us out to Maya Beach (where the movie The Beach was filmed…)

But, as huge fans of the oversized beds, glamorous crowd, and also curious to see what the Koh Samui beach club had to offer, we hopped on a flight and booked in for ‘Sunday Brunch’.

Without a taxi in sight, we ended up getting there on a motorbike – 2 of us squashed on the back, clinging on for dear life while our manic drive weaved in and out of the traffic at 100 miles per hour, and we clutched our Marc Jacobs beach bags, praying our Juicy couture flip flop wedges didn’t quite come into contact with the road!

We made it one piece and with our now oversized Beyonce style blown in the wind hair and our wedges still in tact, we hot footed it into Koh Samui’s hottest new venue.

A gorgeous bed awaited, plumped up pillows, a drink on arrival, and some chilled out tunes playing in the background.  Either side of us, the sumptuous lounge beds were occupied by the rich and beautiful.  Trying to look good in 30 degree heat must take some practice but our neighbours seemed to manage it effortlessly!  (Should have made notes…)

Champagne followed (rude not to at brunch hey…)  while the VIP Manager Michael (what a lovely guy), told us all the celeb stories we wanted to hear from his time working in Vegas and Miami, and explained how popular Nikki Beach Koh Samui was becoming.

Then it was ‘Brunch’ time!  And ‘wow’ is pretty much all that comes to mind when I think of all that food!  A huge assortment of the finest quality crab shooters, oysters, sushi, king prawns, salmon, swordfish, Thai food, cuts of meat, caviar blini’s with cream cheese… And then desert!  Well, a pretty awesome selection of crepes, chocolate brownies and cheesecakes to name but a few.  We didn’t indulge in too many of these as were still trying to maintain the flat tummy illusion…

By mid afternoon, the DJ turned up the bass, the pool filled up with beautiful people, frolicking, posing (and occasionally swimming) and the sax man added some real glamour.  After a quick dip and a discussion on which girls were sporting the best bikinis, we thought we best try some cocktails…  The mango margheritas were cool and refreshing, the champagne sangria was a fun fizzy concoction with just the right amount of alcohol and the strawberry daiquiri’s were thirst-quenchingly to die for.

All in all, an amazing and memorable afternoon partying with the brand who pretty much created the beach club experience…  Next stop is Marbella Nikki Beach and quite frankly I can’t wait.

So if you’re planning a visit to Koh Samui, then their ‘Amazing Sunday Brunch’ is not to be missed…  You might even want to check out their hotel which is also renowned for its’ world class service.

Just don’t forget your jewelled hairband and a high factor red lip gloss.  (By the way, Hawaiian Tropic do actually make one!  Awesome hey?!)


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