Monday, April 29, 2013

I'm a Rugby Fan! Who knew?!

Whoever said rugby was just for boys?!

Growing up, it was always football, football, football…  My dad and brother are Newcastle United fans through and through.  And my ex-boyfriend was a TV sports reporter.   There really was no escape from St James Park…

But newly single and out in Newcastle every weekend, my friends and I used to bump into many of the Falcons in Perdu and Apartment (now known as Florita’s – I am going back some years here!).  These guys were great fun to hang out with – downing drinks, buying more, daring each other to do the stupidest things and at least one of them ended up in their pants by the end of the night!  Added to the fact they were all ripped and could definitely protect you in a fight, what was not to like?!!  But still, I’d never seen a single rugby game.

When I moved down to London, I noticed rugby’s much bigger presence!  The pubs are packed out when there’s a game showing, in fact watching the game is pretty much a standard weekend for most in the Capital.  And football has slowly faded into the background… (for me anyway..)

I’ve watched loads of rugby in the last 4 years…  The girls and I have a few regular watering holes we like to head to, to watch The Wasps, The Falcons or the England team.  Added bonuses always include a table, good wine, a big screen and a clientele of mostly hot rugby type guys to cheer along with…

But… I’d never been to a proper game until this weekend!  It was actually Leonie’s idea.  The Army were taking on the Navy in the annual Babcock Trophy match at Twickenham and we figured both teams would be full of hot players.  Plus we could have lunch before the game and drinks after – a nice all day sesh with the girlies.

Turns out we were possibly THE very last people to get our tickets.. We ended up in the highest seats imaginable which meant walking up about 10 flights of stairs to get there.  It’s the most exercise I’ve done in about 4 months and I nearly passed out.  Twice.  But when we finally got to the top it was all worthwhile..  Over 72,000 fans filled the stadium - an excited, charged, electric atmosphere shaking the venue.  Who’d’ve thought it used to be a cabbage patch?!! (Well definitely not me anyway.  Thanks Wikipedia…)

Now for the big question… Who were we gonna cheer on?!  Army?!  Or Navy?!  A well thought out decision - the basis for this which was of course our dating experiences.  (I mean how else could we possibly decide?)  We concluded that out of the 4 of us, we’d all dated men in the Army, but only one of us had dated a guy from the Navy.  And the Navy date had been a bit weird apparently…  So ermm Army it was then.  (You gotta love our logic, right?!)

Thankfully our choice turned out to be a good one – the Army provided most of the action and kept diving over the line and racking up the points.  Half way through, Sylwi decided she quite fancied Navy Number 4 and switched camps to support the boys in blue. But it was a bad choice, Army beat Navy 43-26.  One of the highlights was an awesome try for the Army, to which Kristel jumped up to cheer, but forgot her seat had flipped up, so landed smack bottom on the ground.  Another highlight was the guy who stormed the pitch during half time and had to be escorted off the premises.  All in all, a pretty entertaining afternoon which we followed up with a celebratory drink in a very bad pub where a group of men were ordering Babycham. Yes that is correct.  Men.  Drinking Babycham.  I mean really…

So our next outing is Rugby 7’s next weekend!  Who’s in?!

 Whoever thought we’d find a sport we were actually good at?!.... (Watching, that is….)


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