Monday, April 22, 2013

A Quiet Dinner at Bunga Bunga....NOT

Saturday night…. Quiet dinner….

Sylwi and I got back last Monday from 10 days in Dubai filled with drinking, dancing, sunbathing and occasional gym sessions – I know what we were thinking?!  We partied like rock stars (I can’t go into details ha ha), drank lots of Champers, spent way too much on clothes and generally lived it up ‘til our credit cards were crying.  Ah well.  These things have to be done sometimes.

We got off a delayed overnight flight at 7am last Monday morning, bleary eyed and exhausted, but headed straight into work…  And for 9 days solid since then, we’ve been playing catch up (while also managing to fit in a wine tasting sesh and a night at Mahiki and Tonteria!), my point being that we were tired.  Really really tired.  So tired that on Saturday night, Sylwi, Kristel and I decided we would have a ‘quiet dinner’. 

These things are rare.  When is dinner not followed by dancing?!!  Usually on bad dates, pre-early shifts or after eating so much we need to skip clubbing and go home to hug radiators.

Our first choice was Bunga Bunga, but they were full – our own fault for being so last minute.  So after appealing on Facebook for a good Italian restaurant, we decided we’d head to Osteria in Notting Hill.  All set for 8pm.  Then Bunga had a cancellation…

With the best of intentions, I was still planning on an early night.  We had a fabulous catch up, the best Aubergine Parmigiana ever (I somehow need to try and bribe the chef for that recipe…) followed by pizzas and salad, washed down with 2 bottles of Sauvignon.  Perfect.  Then our friend and manager Robin dropped by...  And as a belated New Year’s Eve present, (I was in hospital at New Year while the whole gang partied at Bunga), we were given a bottle of Veuve.  And then a bottle of Moet.  And then a round of Limoncello’s.  And more Moet…and before we knew it, it was 2am and we were donning Bunga caps and dancing on the tables….

How could such a quiet night have descended into champagne fuelled chaos so quickly?!!   Kris left her purse in the taxi and Sylwi dropped her phone down the toilet (it’s alive again after spending the last 3 days in a bag of rice!)  I think next time we need to pre-book the taxis and stick to it.

But a change of plan is always so much more fun… Right?!!

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