Thursday, March 28, 2013

Going up in the world...Vertigo Bangkok

Vertigo… If you suffer from it, then probably not the best restaurant to head to for dinner, but if you’re a fan of al fresco eating, stylish sophisticated surroundings, stunning views of busy bustling Bangkok, first class service and some seriously tasty food, then this is the place… 

Located on the roof of the Banyan Tree hotel (21/100 South Sathon road, Sathon, Bangkok, Thailand), is the multi tiered dining area, accessible via an express elevator which takes you to the 59th floor and winding stairs up to the 61st  Yes 61 floors up, get ready to take in the heady views of a sprawling city – all lit up and as close as you might ever get to the stars in the sky.  Also situated on the rooftop is the sultry Moon Bar – accessible via the restaurant and providing the perfect pre or apr├Ęs accompaniment to your evening…

We were seated at a corner table – a popular spot of the restaurant which we learned later, actually has a 3 month waiting list!  We were told this is the table of choice for proposals and special occasions… and what a special occasion it turned out to be (no-one proposed, but the food was definitely something to get excited about…)
The tables were impressively set out with crisp white linen and pretty candles to set the mood – so once we’d soaked up the stylish surroundings and taken one or two (or twenty) photos of the amazing panoramic views, it was time to embark on our culinary journey.
Before beginning our signature set menu, (we opted for the 4 course Pandora selection), a large basket of freshly baked bread arrived on the table – warm and impossible to resist – even though I was trying my hardest to save myself for the courses which were about to follow…

With just enough waiting time in between dishes, our fabulously elegant waitress arrived with our impeccably presented starters – Chili tuna tartare with guacamole and an explosion of tasty trout caviar, bursting with flavour, and the Chilean Sauvignon Blanc served in freshly iced glasses also went down a treat.  There was Slow roasted butternut pumpkin soup to follow, arriving in a fabulous silver cloche, which tasted just as impressive – smooth, buttery and just enough so that we didn’t get too full before our main courses.

Again mysteriously hidden under that fabulous cloche, the grand unveiling of the main course – fillet steak, was complimented beautifully by a Tuscan Classico Chianti.  Mine was cooked to its ‘as requested’ medium perfection and while my friend’s was a little rare, the accompanying veg and jus were simply delicious.

And just when I didn’t think such a sensational meal could taste any better, out came a decadent and generous wedge of rich chocolate cake, washed down by a fine portugese Ruby port – ‘the best chocolate cake’ my friend decided she had ever tasted!

So whether you’re out in Thailand on business or for pleasure, you’ll feel very welcome in these beautiful surroundings.  The clientele, a mix of work related dinners, family parties, ex-pats, romantic soirees and holidaymakers… The staff – who certainly make you feel very special in the true sense of the word… The beautifully presented and delicious food…and the outstanding un-obscured views… Reach for the moon and the stars at Vertigo – why choose one or the other when you quite literally have it all?!!!

Sunday, March 24, 2013

Bed Supperclub Bangkok...

“We’re in Bangkok and we’d like to go somewhere really cool and sophisticated for dinner, followed by some killer cocktails and a good club.  All 3 within close proximity if possible please - we’re wearing very high heels…”

“Really?!  Are you sure?!!”

“Okay then, we’re sorted!  Thanks!”

This was the conversation of my friend with her Norwegian travel writer ex boyfriend…  The venue he’d suggested – Bed Supperclub, where apparently we could experience everything on our wish list without having to move further than a double divan…

BedSupperclub is located at 26 Sukhumvit Soi 11, a 15 minute taxi ride from where we were staying at the fabulous five Star Banyan Tree.  As soon as we pulled up outside the impressive elliptical shaped structure (which incidentally in 2003 was named by Conde Nast as ‘one of the next seven architectural wonders of the world), I said a silent prayer of thanks to Stacey’s ex for recommending we come here…In all fairness, we could’ve ended up anywhere (it has been known…on our last visit actually when the Tuk Tuk driver took us to the supposed ‘Sky Bar’ owned by his friend rather than the legendary Baiyoke…)

And the stylish structure was only the start of what can only be described as a forward thinking, futuristic, innovative experience, pushing culinary and artistic boundaries from the moment we climbed the sweeping staircase, until the moment we left.

Some extremely friendly staff greeted us at the spaceship style doors.  To the right, the entrance to the club and bar area, to the left, our spaceship ticket to the beautifully clean and crisp interiors of Bed Supperclub, with a performance area  in the middle (which doubles up as a dance floor later), mezzanine balconies circling the entire floor and sumptuous spacious beds adorned with designer sheets and plumped up pillows which line the walls so that everyone can enjoy the various entertainment throughout the evening.

As I clambered up onto the bed (which would serve as our table for the evening) in my rather short dress, I tried to remember the celebrity etiquette for getting in and out of cars… Kelly Brook is particularly good at this!  Unfortunately, I couldn’t remember any of these rules, and almost fell onto the man on the next table while flashing a bit more leg than I'd planned on...  Note to self, on re-visits to Bed Supperclub, always wear trousers.  Or a very long skirt…

Loh was our fabulous, attentive, smiley waiter who brought us complimentary cocktails before we’d even had time to lie back in our new bed.  And as we sat back, supped our drinks and admired the club interior bathed in inoffensive hues of blue and pink neon lighting, the first act began…  A relaxing yoga session with a very flexible lady called Emiline.  A message projected on the walls invited us to join her, but because it had taken quite so long to get onto the bed in the first place, I thought I better stay put.

After the first performance, our contact for the evening, superstar DJ and head of events Orawan, came to chat, telling us all about the team behind Bed Supperclub - the production and stylists who conceptualise a different theme every month and them make it happen.  Their vision is to combine food and art, creating exhibitions, shows, entertainment - an entire all encompassing experience which people can enjoy while eating dinner.

This month’s theme was ‘Reversed’, meaning our 4 course dinner was a fusion of sweet and savoury tastes that could be interpreted as starters or deserts…  Our appetiser was the fois gras torchon brulee with pineapple and aged balsamic vinegar – the perfect balance of flavours.  This was followed by ‘pasta with chorizo and zucchini, saffron sauce and shaved jamon iberico’ – again marrying together it’s unique ingredients to create something extraordinarily delicious.  And our main was just as good – baked lamb with castelmagno cheese fondue and brussel sprouts, followed by a chocolate milk soup for desert with passion fruit and fresh berries.  What a fabulous concoction of flavours and dishes, which as a 4 course dinner, worked just perfectly.

Throughout our meal, we were treated to other various performances in the centre space including a beautiful demonstration of the latest fitness craze to hit Bangkok – Yoga-Fly, which combines yoga, pilates, dance and ariel acrobatics all performed on a 7 yard long swing made of silk.  Just beautiful.

And we were even treated to free massages while waiting for our main courses to arrive.  Boy did we need them…  Because come 11.30, the cool chilled out vibes from a state of the art sound system, became louder and the beats harder.  And by midnight, the space we’d earlier watched all that relaxing yoga in, had been replaced by a sophisticated, cool crowd of beautiful people, dancing, flirting and cocktail drinking.  Unlike many clubs in Central London where the crowd can be very tourist orientated, the clientele here was very different – those who had just jetted in on business, holidaymakers, ex-pats, Thai locals and regulars on the Bangkok clubbing scene.  We were most definitely in very good company…

Following some excellent wine at dinner (they have an extensive list…), it was time to try out the all important cocktail list which didn’t disappoint.  To compliment the innovative chefs occupying the kitchen, occupying the bar are attractive bar staff and experienced mixologists creating mouthwatering blends of the finest spirits and liquers.  Our favourites were the lilac ‘Gay Lavenders’ which came with free keepsake keyrings, and the ‘Jelly Bean’s’ made with sambuca and raspberry and living up to their reputation to taste just like the real thing.

With hip hop and R&B in the restaurant room, and funk, electro and techno in the club room (Bed Supperclub is host to a number of International DJ’s) the place rocked until 2:30am, when we left one bed behind and headed for our second bed of the evening, back at our hotel.

So whether you’re a foodie, a clubber, an art lover or a socialite, Bed Supperclub is most certainly worth a visit.  Just make sure you’re well rested, because this is one bed you won’t get much sleep in.

Tuesday, March 12, 2013


Greetings from Thailand – the London Girl About Town has gone international since my last post!

So far we’ve managed to:

-Get through around 25 of Thailand’s legendary buckets
-Indulged in more than enough sunbathing to last us a lifetime
-Taken part in the debauched and crazy Full Moon Party on Haad Rin beach in Koh Phagnan  (complete with full on neon and body paint)
-Ogled many a hot Aussie Adonis on the party island of Koh Phi Phi
-Chilled out at the Mong Bar on upcoming Koh Lanta with some very suspect ‘magic shakes’
-Taken in the unbelievable sights of Patong’s red light, green light, blue light and every other light district in Phuket where the lady boys are awesome pole dancers and experts at Connect 4 (?!)
-Managed around 0 nights of sleep…

Next on the list is Koh Samui where we’ll be hitting the Nikki Beach Sunday Brunch party later today, and then it’s over to Koh Tao for diving, drinking and probably more over indulging.  And our last stop is Bangkok – where we’ll be sampling the delights of the Banyan Tree and the Shangri La before heading home.

Along the way, I’ve been testing out the cocktails (tough work but someone’s gotta do it…) for www.barchick.comand I’ll also be writing for www.luxurialifestyle.comon my return…  Plus I’m putting together the ‘Glam Guides’ – ‘Hot Chick’s guide to Thailand.’  Exciting times…

Furthemore, while I’ve been away, I’ve heard there’s a new London club on the block from the owners of Dukebox – can’t wait to check that out!

See you on the other side….


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