Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Geordie Bar Chick...

Have you ever checked out Bar Chick?!!  www.barchick.com

It's an uber cool website written by some super hot chicks who most definitely know their cocktails and the coolest places to hang out - including all those hidden secret gems and the best dating dens.

They're now casting their alcoholic net a little bit wider to catch those bars in other cities that are a little bit special, so seeing as I'm an original Geordie, I decided to help out by sampling (otherwise known as cocktail pub crawling) the delights of Newcastle's best bars at the moment.

Highlights included Brewdog (16 Dean Street) where a 61 year old woman was drinking pints of 41 per cent beer - what can I say, the woman is obviously a legend, but if you don't fancy that, they also do Beer Cocktails, delicious slabs of chocolate brownie (made with beer naturally) and the staff were awesome.

Livello (35a Dean Street) is one of Newcastle's newest bar, lounge, clubs where you can splash out on a Fish House Punch for £1000 (!) and they have some hot waiters including 'Nordic Tom' with the gorgeous eyes who will be starring in a movie about the Vikings....  The lemon meringue cocktail is to die for.  Cheryl Cole had a party here after her gig in Newcastle so it can't be bad at all really and the area upstairs is fabulous for private parties!  Wear your coolest outfit.

..And the good old trusty Living Room (12 Grey Street) where all the bar staff are properly trained mixologists and there's actually a load of old photos on the walls including one of the guy who trained Tom Cruise in the movie 'Cocktail'....

...Who knew Newcastle's bar scene could be so much fun?!!!!

Obviously, you can find out more at www.barchick.com


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