Saturday, November 17, 2012

On the 'piste' at Bodo's Schloss

BODO’S SCHLOSS - 2a Kensington High Street

Last Saturday was a massive occasion:

1) It was a Saturday

2) I was off work!

3)  Stacey’s mate Kate was visiting and we wanted to show her how fabulous the City of London is while avoiding Buckingham Palace and Big Ben – not that we’d ever deliberately avoid a ‘big Ben’….ahem...

....So enough about him.  We started the day at Borough Market with our friends Rudi and Danielle, where we supped on delicious mulled wine, ate hog roast, perused a tonne of stalls selling chutney (which we were probably never going to buy, but were nice to look at anyway), then retired to the Southwark Tavern to warm up and plan stage two.  We also met a nice Canadian man in there who actually LIVES in The Mayfair Hotel.  Really.  He LIVES there.  Actually IN The Mayfair Hotel – well for 160 days of the year anyway!  I can imagine worse places to live.  In fact, imagine coming down in the morning and seeing Matt Damon eating brekkie at the next table?!  Not that he lives there, I just saw him in there once.

So… with our tickets sorted for ‘Blackout’ – a brilliant spin off night run by the guys from Dorsia which promised some very special surprises (and delivered) at Westbourne Studios in Notting Hill, we needed a pre-hangout.  Bodo’s Schloss ticked all the boxes.  Close by, new to Kensington, and apparently very cool with an après ski Alpine lodge theme.  What’s not to like about the sound of that?!

So I know I say it a lot, but Bodo’s Schloss really IS my new favourite hangout.  First off, it’s all wooden (very authentic) and it smells of fresh pine which makes you really think you’ve just been out for a day on the slopes and you’re now about to knock back some shots to numb the pain and cramp in your calves.

All the staff wear traditional lederhosen which gives this place a great vibe before you’ve even made your way to the bar.  Stag heads line the walls and the DJ booth is actually in a ski lift – well it doesn’t get better than that does it?!!  Or does it?!!!  Well yes, you can order sharing cocktails which you drink out of ski boots!!!  We didn’t actually have these, but during a very happy ‘happy hour’ we managed to knock back a few vodka lemonades and some extremely reasonable double tequilas.  There’s also a range of premium Austrian beers but again, we didn’t sample these.

The evening flew by at Bodo’s, 80’s tunes cheesier than the cheesiest fondue, I was ecstatic to find a fellow Geordie on the dance floor and there was also a very funny toilet incident involving Kate wanting me to make her dress longer, when in fact the dress should’ve come with an instruction manual and ended up tied around her waist ha ha (I’m adamant it looked better this way, but with her bottom on show, she didn’t quite agree…) 

A very cool crowd, fantastic atmosphere and somewhere I’d be happy to return to as a restaurant, bar, club or all three!  Definitely unique to the London bar scene and if you turn up in ski wear or lederhosen, you even get free entry!

Katherine Jenkins and The Wanted were also in here on the night we were in there, and quite frankly if it’s good enough for them, it’s good enough for me.

The perfect place to go on the ‘piste’… and with such generously sized tequila’s, you might need a ski lift outta there…

BODO’S = 5 gold stars.

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