Saturday, November 03, 2012

Oh the mammoth 18 hour London session

A mammoth sesh at Love Brunch for their last party of the year at Roof Gardens, followed by an invite to my friend’s Victoria and Paul’s dance off at Lost Society, followed by Rudi’s birthday at the Dorsia in South Ken where they had the most amazing sax player and DJ on, followed by Pacha where we danced to Hed Kandi until 6am, followed by breakfast at my favourite all night restaurant / bar – Vingt Quatre on the Fulham Road.  If you haven’t checked out VQ before, they serve steak, caviar, full English, wine, champers and beer, ALL NIGHT!  And the staff never get grumpy even though everyone’s a little worse for wear.  Wicked place.

If you haven't checked out Dorsia yet, it's my new fave club (Sorry Mahiki, I do still love you, just only on a week night..)  Gavin Henson was there last week buying in the shots.  Not that that's a reason to go... #justsayin #DoesHeUseStTropez?

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