Saturday, November 10, 2012

Experimental Cocktail Club (13a Gerard Street)

Ahh London’s Chinatown – full of Chinese restaurants as one would expect… What one would not expect is to find is a chic Parisian wonderland hidden amongst them…
Think of the grubbiest entrance you ever walked past – a dirty black door with paint peeling off and no handle on it… Well my friends, this is your gateway.

The address is 13a Gerard Street.  We should know, we checked enough times because we Sylwi and I must’ve walked past the door about 7 times thinking ‘this surely can’t be it?!’
The occasion was a free night of wine and cinema at Universal Picture…to see E.T… (our exclusive invite was clearly 30 years too late when the film was made!)  Aaaaanyway, what better way to start a boozy screening than with some fabulous cocktails at one of London’s best kept secrets?!

So…finding the door is only half the battle, you then have to get past the French doorman wearing a beret (ooh la la).  We even had to ask if this actually was a bar as he wasn’t giving much away..  Once you’ve been ushered up the narrow stairs (just long enough to plan your escape strategy if indeed it turns out to be a drug den and not a bar) and then you’re met by a lovely hostess wearing a faaaaaabulous shade of bright red lipstick who takes you into the quaint and quirky bar area, finds you a seat, gives you water with cucumber, and a cocktail menu.

We opted for a bar stool (much better to ogle the hot barmen with…)  And these guys know their drinks.  I’ve no idea what we drank as I didn’t write it down, but it was definitely innovative, ‘experimental’ and made with love, care and attention.  That will do for me.

We stayed around an hour, just long enough to sup on our cocktails, say every French phrase that we knew – ‘oui oui’ ‘je ne sais pas pourquoi’ (gotta thank Kylie for that one) and ‘voulez vous coucher avec moi ce soir (unfortunately I was only saying that to Sylwi..) and then we were on our merry way.

There’s definitely an air of ‘mystique’ about this place and if we hadn’t been rushing off to see E.T, we might’ve stayed and tried out those lines on the Frenchmen (yes real Frenchman in there) at the bar.  Oh well, there’s always next time….

Recommended, great for a date.  (With Sylwi)

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