Wednesday, November 07, 2012


There has been a certain void in the lives of the Chelsea set since Public closed its’ doors back in May due to noise complaints.  Fast forward a few months and there’s a new club on the block – DUKEBOX which threw open it’s heavily guarded doors in September.

Occupying the former space of The Valmont Club, you’ll find the new box of tricks on the Fulham Road – just look for the queue of leggy blondes, model men and the Made in Chelsea cast.

The door staff most definitely mean business -  they're all beautiful girls with clipboards who look like they grace the pages of Vogue when they’re not keeping order on their unruly queue.  One minor stumble on the Louboutins, or a drunken slur from the boys and you’re really NOT getting in… Again, if your names not down, then quite frankly you’ve got no chance – there’s also a strict Over 21 policy.

…But make it past the hostesses, down the stairs and a truly fun chelsea playground awaits!  Billed as the new ‘Mahiki’, this place has a much more edgy yet whimsical vibe, with the amazing military uniforms of the bar staff, jack in the boxes in cages and waltzer car booths.  The drinks are just as playful from their innovative ‘Egg and Soldier’ sharer cocktail to the ‘The Present’ which of course comes wrapped in a bow and is delivered to its own theme tune by the military parade.  There's also plenty of confetti and sparklers to make a truly awesome spectacle.

Look out for the luminous UV writing lit up on the exposed brick walls, and the bars on the windows surrounding VIP – (although that’s one area if you’re lucky enough to get into, you won’t be wanting a free jail card out…)

So all in all, a cool, cave like haven of a club, with all the fun of the fair and a damn good DJ with some wicked beats.  The dancefloor’s always packed, the drinks are innovative, quirky and actually not badly priced, although a table will set you back £500 minimum spend.

But hey, this is the Chelsea playground where the movers and shakers of W1 throw their shapes.  Mix in a few celebrities and you’ve got the perfect Public replacement, just don’t steal any of the toys….


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