Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Newcastle's hidden little gem... The Hood Street Club

I love Newcastle because I grew up there.  When I was younger I used to hang out at Spanish City on the waltzer (because I fancied the guy who shouted ‘scream if you wanna go faster’), then it was Metroland (I saw Cheryl Cole singing on the stage there once..) and when I was 16, my first club experience at The Ritzy….and although I couldn’t dance much (because my feet were so stuck to the floor where a thousand drinks had been spilled), it was right there and then that I fell in love with going out!  But the same bars and clubs week in and week out, tend to get a bit boring don’t they?!  And what I love about living in London is that you never have to go in the same bar twice if you don’t want to.

So in the last couple of years when I’ve headed back to Newcastle, older (but probably not wiser to be honest – wine kills brain cells), I’ve always thought to myself that something uber cool with a super strict guest list would go down really well…Something with a similar vibe to Nightjar at Old Street or Evans and Peel at Earl’s Court…Somewhere you won’t stick to the floor, have a willy straw waved in your face or fight a blow up doll in your quest to get to the bar…

Imagine my surprise, when I realised my last visit home coincided with the opening of a brand new bar concept in Newcastle – modelled on the secret drinking dens commonplace in New York, London and Milano!!!  Welcome to The Hood Street Club – a stones through from Newcastle’s Monument which means if you’re used to travelling by tube, you can hop off the metro in your 5 inch heels and be in the bar within 30 seconds! 

It’s from the same group who are responsible for Bar Luga and Perdu – Fluid Group, but far more sophisticated and stylish, and set over 3 levels including a dance floor and a cool booth area where there are telephones on the table!  (That means if you spot a hot guy on the table at a booth at the other end of the bar, you can ring them and tell them to get the champers in! – Genius.)

Really amazing décor, great lighting, a dance floor intimate enough so you don’t look stupid dancing on your own (errrmmm that’ll be me then…..Again), but big enough to get a good crowd on the floor and the DJ’s got a fab mix of tunes until 3am in the morning on Thursday’s, Friday’s and Saturday’s.

So no stag and hen do’s, a strict door policy, a great drinks menu and those luxurious booths which you can book in advance for a hot date (with the guy you rang on those table phones last week) or a Carrie Bradshaw style girly catch up.

Newcastle’s been screaming out for a venue like this.  Bravo.  My new fave place.


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  1. It will always be Bar 42 to me :) I thought it seemed to appeal to an older crowd, which is not necessarily a bad thing (seeing as I probably fall into the category now). I'd love to see a bar in Newcastle that could re-create the old 'Sunday at Stereo' crowd and vibe x


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