Thursday, September 13, 2012

Heliot Bar & Restaurant launch night at the Hippodrome

Tuesday nights can be a little dull in London.  That’s why it’s a good night to do a launch night and invite a crowd down who like a free glass of Champers.  That’ll be myself, Leonie, Debbie, Helen and Stacey then.  To be fair, we would turn up to the opening of an envelope…Actually not entirely true, but if there's a free glass of wine, we're there.  Generally.  

So apparently there’s a new restaurant within the casino at Hippodrome and the owners wanted to show it off.  But the plan was fatally flawed.  First of all, only one glass of champagne each…  Not impressed.  And one canape each aswell.   Bitesized.  Some might say, (everyone would say) not quite enough for us to know whether or not we actually would like the food?!!!   

What I did like was the impressive glass floor which was made up entirely of one pence pieces!  Cool!  The smoking area was also meant to be nice.  But seeing as I don’t smoke, I wouldn’t really know.  I’m ashamed to say that as soon as the free wine ran out, we also ran out.  Oh well.

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