Thursday, September 13, 2012

Corporate Box at Lady Gaga!

Sunday Morning:
Matt: ‘Ash do you have lots of hot mates?’

Me:  ‘Well they all scrub up okay yes’…Just joking, they are of course all fabulous and amazing… ‘Errm why?!!!’

Matt:  ‘Fancy bringing them down for some free food and drink in a corporate box with me and my friends at Lady Gaga tonight?’

Me: ‘Errrrm……Ooh let me think about that, okay thought about it, we’re in!  All of us!’

Turns out my mate who does something to do with rugby that I don’t really understand because I’m a girl, had a box which needed filling at Twickenham Stadium.  Cue 8 very excited girlies who were even more excited when the waiter (yes waiter service!)  happened to have an unlimited number of bottles of Laurent Perrier Rose on tap for us too.  And this was all before Lady Gaga even started singing. 

Gaga came out on a horse which my friend said couldn’t possibly be real because it would be scared by the loud music and jump into the crowd?!!!… Hmm ermmm something I hadn’t really considered as I polished off another glass of champagne.  But the show, wow – it’s true what everyone says – she’s a totally amazing performer, super theatrical stage set, and really endearing with her fans.  She did all the biggies – ‘Judas’, ‘Marry the Night’, ‘Edge of Glory’, ‘Paparazzi’ and a tonne of new ones from her album too.  If you get the chance to see Gaga, then you simply must!  But unlike me, maybe make sure you buy the new album and listen to it BEFORE the concert, then you’ll be able to dance and sing along to allof the songs instead of just the 4 I mentioned above.   Maybe also pick up a blonde wig and some ripped tights.

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