Thursday, August 16, 2012 Newcastle

I am an adopted Londoner and was due a visit back home to refresh the geordie twang and see the folks last week.  It just so happened that this coincided with the launch of Kanaloa at Tiger about that then?!!  A stroke of luck.  Kanaloa is the sister of my fave London club Mahiki... All the stars go to Mahiki when they're in London.  There's photos of them in the Metro pretty much every morning.  The entire American Olympic rowing team were in there last week - what a night to choose to go hey?!!  :-)  I once went straight up to Jamie Foxx and asked for a photo!  He obliged.  His friends laughed.  I thought they thought I was kinda cute.  Turns out it wasn't Jamie Foxx but a random londoner on a night out.  Ahem.

So...anyway, the drinks in the London Kanaloa are around £10 for a shot, a double vodka coke or a cocktail.  The treasure chests are £150.  At Tiger Tiger Newcastle, the doubles were £2!!!  £2!!!  WITH mixer!!! Tiger is on 3 floors, I'm much to old for this club (plus I went on student night!), but I do think it's a beautiful club.  And Kanaloa looks amazing!  It's got the whole beach vibe going on that works so well at Mahiki, very intimate, packed dance floor, tables for the champagne drinkers.... I liked it.  Alot.  They've also refurbed the front room on the 3rd floor - it's gone all Saturday Night Fever stylee with light up squares... But I'd forgotten my white pants and my rollerboots.  So that was a no go area.

Still, 10/10 for Kanaloa.  It ain't just London you rock.

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