Thursday, August 16, 2012

Congrats to Henry Conway!

My fabulous friend and fashionista Henry Conway has just been nominated for a London Lifestyle Award.  This is super cool news!  You can vote for him here.  He runs a brilliant night at Mahiki on Thursdays.  I think I may need to go tonight and celebrate with a coconut grenade.  Or two.

SHARE: Newcastle

I am an adopted Londoner and was due a visit back home to refresh the geordie twang and see the folks last week.  It just so happened that this coincided with the launch of Kanaloa at Tiger about that then?!!  A stroke of luck.  Kanaloa is the sister of my fave London club Mahiki... All the stars go to Mahiki when they're in London.  There's photos of them in the Metro pretty much every morning.  The entire American Olympic rowing team were in there last week - what a night to choose to go hey?!!  :-)  I once went straight up to Jamie Foxx and asked for a photo!  He obliged.  His friends laughed.  I thought they thought I was kinda cute.  Turns out it wasn't Jamie Foxx but a random londoner on a night out.  Ahem.

So...anyway, the drinks in the London Kanaloa are around £10 for a shot, a double vodka coke or a cocktail.  The treasure chests are £150.  At Tiger Tiger Newcastle, the doubles were £2!!!  £2!!!  WITH mixer!!! Tiger is on 3 floors, I'm much to old for this club (plus I went on student night!), but I do think it's a beautiful club.  And Kanaloa looks amazing!  It's got the whole beach vibe going on that works so well at Mahiki, very intimate, packed dance floor, tables for the champagne drinkers.... I liked it.  Alot.  They've also refurbed the front room on the 3rd floor - it's gone all Saturday Night Fever stylee with light up squares... But I'd forgotten my white pants and my rollerboots.  So that was a no go area.

Still, 10/10 for Kanaloa.  It ain't just London you rock.

Olympic Rowing at Eton Dorney!

My fantastic flatmate managed to get her hands on some fabulous Olympic tickets for the Rowing heats last Sunday in Windsor.  What a brilliant day out!  Windsor rocks!  I'm only 5ft (and a half inch - that half an inch makes all the difference so I'm told...), so I'm super short and couldn't really see that much.  I caught some of the action on the giant screen.  And kinda being there in the middle of all the excitement, right next to the river was enough for me!

The race I was really looking forward to was the women's double skulls but Leonie and I went off in search of champagne and when we got back, ermmmm, we'd missed it.  A hog roast and several more glasses of champers made up for this disappointment and after a while, we couldn't really remember what we'd come to see anyway.  

A dashing 60-something year old Olympic volunteer steward type person took a shine to us, and even let me borrow his umbrella and anorak (aww) when it started raining.  I do like older men, but Leonie said that was going a bit far.

After an exhilirating morning, and some drinks in Windsor (at a really fab pub behind a pub that looked like a crooked house - in fact, I think that one might've been called 'The Crooked House!,) we decided the only way to prolong a brilliant day like this would be to head for The Ship in Wandsworth.  Nice crowd, fab Sunday roasts, live band.... I shall tell you more about my favourite Sunday pub hangout at a later date.....

Sushisamba / Duck & Waffle

So.... I love love love Duck & Waffle AND Sushisamba.  Brilliant view of the city, really nice food, cocktails with candyfloss on the top that dissolve when you pour the pineapple juice over them and the second fastest lift in Europe (makes you feel a teeny weeny bit unbalanced when you come out, but the cocktails soon sort that out).  Set over 3 floors, 3 bars, 2 restaurants, outdoor garden, lounge club.  What more could you need?

Because we went to one of the soft launches, there were still finishing touches to be made - workmen actually hanging off a giant tree in the garden whilst sawing branches off it, whilst re-attaching them?!! (Clever!) but I've been since and it looks great.  The crab was totally amazing, although they've since taken it off the menu!!!  But the bacon wrapped dates remain and are to die for.  Seriously A-mazing.  I wasn't too keen on the rabbit (I was thinking of poor Flopsy my sisters' old pet), but the pigs ears were well tasty, as were the old spot pork skin quavers.  And the pork belly - small for my enormous appetite, but melt in the mouth deeeee-lish.

Important for us girlies - the toilets, nice, clean, dark - so you always look better than you think (top marks to the designer for that one)...oh and the perspex spiral staircases across all 3 floors were my favourite feature (probably best not to wear a short skirt though hey...)

Service was good, slightly overpriced food but I think for the views, that it's worth every penny, and the head chef is a fab guy called Daniel Doherty.  Totally accommodating if you have any special requests and a top guy!

This place is also open 24 hours now!!!  So you can go watch the sun come up!  How cool is that?!!!  All in all, Duck and Waffle is my new favourite place.  You can go and just have drinks while you soak up the view, or indulge in the grub.

We followed up this night out with dessert at The W Hotel, Leicester Square.  Desert being far too many Espresso Vodka shots - delightful!  And a quick dance under the giant shiny disco ball in their Wyld Club.  Very cool.

I then fell asleep on the night bus and woke up an hour from home.  Not cool.

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