Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Duck and Waffle

It's a restaurant!  And it's just opened in Bishopsgate in the City.  I got a subscription to Grazia magazine for something ridiculous like £1 for 12 issues, or was that £12 for 12 issues?!!  Anyway, in this week's mag, Duck and Waffle is one of their '10 hot things to do now' - in fact it's their 'Number 3!'  And by sheer coincidence, my fabulous PR guru friend has been invited to sample their sky high sushi delights, and has asked me to be her 'plus 1'.  I'm soooooo excited!  Atkins and sushi may not go well together, but surely they have that sake stuff and that can't be too high in carbs...can it?!!  It just so happens we were trying to think of a way to fill the large void between finishing work and hitting Mahiki.  So this works perfectly.  I shall check in tomorrow and let you know what I think...

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