Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Duck and Waffle

It's a restaurant!  And it's just opened in Bishopsgate in the City.  I got a subscription to Grazia magazine for something ridiculous like £1 for 12 issues, or was that £12 for 12 issues?!!  Anyway, in this week's mag, Duck and Waffle is one of their '10 hot things to do now' - in fact it's their 'Number 3!'  And by sheer coincidence, my fabulous PR guru friend has been invited to sample their sky high sushi delights, and has asked me to be her 'plus 1'.  I'm soooooo excited!  Atkins and sushi may not go well together, but surely they have that sake stuff and that can't be too high in carbs...can it?!!  It just so happens we were trying to think of a way to fill the large void between finishing work and hitting Mahiki.  So this works perfectly.  I shall check in tomorrow and let you know what I think...

Sea sick...

There was a crisis last night.  One of my friends split up with the man she thought she was going to marry.  Their relationship had been filled with romantic picnics, playing pool and drinking shots, dinner in expensive restaurants, staying up all night talking about the future.  It had been a blissful 6 weeks...  We needed wine.  We were still in holiday mode.  We thought we could combine the two by drinking on a boat called the Tattershall at Embankment which is moored, but STILL MOVES.  Alot.  After the 4th vodka soda, (I'm doing Atkins and you can't drink wine - dammit!), I could barely walk in a straight line.  Tricky when the toilets are downstairs on this vessel.   Today, as I sit at my computer, I am actually swaying.  Around.  It's weird.  Anyway, a really good venue for after work tanning and drinks in the sunshine.  Oh and there were lots of men.  In suits.  Probably bankers.  And Stockbrokers.  I always fancied being a stay at home wife.....



So, the girls and I have just returned from 10 glorious not-a-cloud-in-the-sky days hopping the Croatian islands around the Adriatic Coast.  It’s one of the most beautiful, historical, party places I’ve ever been to and I’m still trying to work out why I’ve been to Ibiza 8 times when this stunning part of the world has taken me this long to get to!

There’s 1000 islands, although we only managed to make it to 4 – Pag Island, Stipanska, Hvar and Korcula.  But we also squeezed in a visit to Split and Dubrovnik. 
So whatever you might’ve heard about Croatia simply hasn’t done it justice if you haven’t been forced to book your budget tickets already. 

Pag Island’s Zcre Beach is the ‘party capital’ – white pebbled beach, crystal clear seas and 4 huge open air nightclubs.  The most well known are Papaya and Aquarius, but we headed to the club furtherest away – think Es Paradis when it was cool, and with no roof on!  It also has a swimming pool (which I got thrown out of…. Apparently it’s for display…ahem).

We stayed in Novalja on Pag Island, which is the prettiest little village and does Croatian wine by the glass for £1 – yep £1 – bargain!  (She says, ordering 10…)

From Novalja, we travelled by bus (long long journey, but pleasant and air conditioned) and then via a ferry from Split to Hvar… Ahhhhh Hvar – the jewel in the crown and the most romantic island I’ve ever been to – the 3 girls I was travelling with thought so too ha ha.  The beaches were just A-mazing, the Venetian architecture – breathtaking.  It was also Yacht Week, so lots of fabulous yachts to gawp at (and their crew weren’t bad either ;-)).  The crowd is super diverse – from supermodels (saw 2 of them – legs were far too long….) to backpackers, to millionaires aboard the ‘Lady Candy 3’ – what a name for a yacht…Not sure what goes on aboard that one.  Not sure I wanna know.  Yeh actually I do… Ermm anyway….so as if it couldn’t get any better, there’s an island called Stipanska in the middle of the sea which is home to ‘Carpe Diem Beach Club’  - the most amazing open air club I’ve ever been to!  On the beach, but in the woods, with swimming pool and the sea, and some banging tunes from DJ’s you’ve actually heard of!  There were boats every 10 minutes from Hvar to Stipanska, and even better, you can head there through the day to admire it’s beauty when it’s not dark and take in a bottle or 4 of pink champers.  (Not a good idea while sunbathing.  Well at least if you expect to remember any of it anyway….)

Hvala Hvar.  (That’s thanks in Croatian ha ha)

Next stop – Korcula (Pron Korch-ela – as we discovered after we left).  A teeny weeny island which had a bar at the top of a tower (Massimo), which you have to climb a tiny set of ladders to get to.  The cocktails were pretty impressive too.

And we spent our last night in Dubrovnik, again beautiful but we didn’t really have that much time to explore before coming home.

What a way to spend 10 days.  And all totally bargainous.  Book your Ryanair and Easyjet flights today!  J  (And drink Croatian wine instead of Jaeger Bombers).

Tuesday, July 24, 2012


Well HELLO!  This is all very exciting isn't it?!  My very first Girl About London Town Blog Post!  I have been meaning to do this for so long as there have been so many brilliant events, gigs and party places to share with you over the last year...Polo in the Park at the Hurlingham Club, the fabulous Henley Regatta, David Guetta at Alexandra Palace, the London Jubilee Celebrations, Wireless Festival where Calvin Harris totally rocked it and away from London, two absolutely amazing unforgettable holidays island-hopping across Thailand and Croatia.  From now on, I'll be able to share all of these amazing experiences with you and hopefully inspire you to try some new places out too.

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